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Not many people are aware that certain traits of their personality exhibited by them sometimes are symptoms of a particular personality disorder because not all personality disorders are widely known. Histrionic Personality Disorders are generally categorized under the larger group of the second cluster of personality disorders. They are characterized by approval dependency, wanting to do all they can to gain attention. In the DSM-IV, people with this personality disorder are seen as dramatic and excessively emotional. Individuals experiencing Histrionic Personality Disorder are said to have at least five (5) or more of the symptoms listed below.    


  1. They are easily influence by other people and are perceived gullible. 
  2. They get slightly irritated when they are not the center of attention.
  3. They are always concerned with their physical appearance.
  4. They perceive relationships to be more than they really are.
  5. They tend to use their physical prowess to draw attention to self.
  6. Exaggerate emotions and act dramatically.
  7. Exhibit inappropriate, flirtatious behavior and indulge in provocative dressing.
  8. They make decisions rashly without considerations or thoughts.
  9. They could threaten to commit suicide or even make an attempt to gain attention.


Because histrionic personality disorder may not necessarily cause direct harm to those experiencing it, most of these individuals don’t believe they have a problem or need therapy; until, probably when people around them begin to point it out or avoid them before they start seeing reasons to reach out for help. 

Usually, the most effect way to manage Histrionic Personality Disorder is through Therapy.  

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